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Equine Web Design is a culmination of several passions…

  • a passion for designing budget friendly, customer grabbing, eye appealing website;
  • a passion for ensuring that small businesses have the presence on the Internet that is such a necessity in this online day and age;
  • and a passion for all things horse related!

Equine Web Design is a division of Docu-Type Virtual Assistance & Web Design which was founded by Janice Byer in September, 1998. From the very first website she designed for her business, Janice has been hooked on the creative process of designing website and the success that small businesses have from those designs and her assistance.

Equine Web Design now also includes other Web Designers that are hand picked for their experience, professionalism and dedication to offering the best services to our clients. Each team member has a specialty service, as well as experience in core web design and this allows Equine Web Design to offer you the perfect website to help you grow your business and impress your clients and website visitors. We want you to succeed and you need the best to help you along the way.

Building positive and professional relationships with our clients are two of our top priorities. We take great pride in not just designing your website, but also in adding the necessary features and search engine optimization techniques that help to get your website a high ranking placement in the search engines and a recommendable website in the eyes of your clients.

We invite you to Contact Us Today or Request a Free Quotation  for your needs and see how we can help you have a website that is user-friendly and helpful to your clients, contacts and all of your site visitors.

About The Owner

Janice Byer, owner of Equine Web Design, is a wife, mother and horse owner. She, along with her husband, Randy, and daughter, Megan, currently live in New Brunswick (moved from Ontario in January 2021), where they are rebuilding their small farm so they can bring their two horses & two minis home. Three rescue dogs and two rescue cats are also a part of the family.  Janice not only designs websites & logos, she is also a professional equine & pet photographer. Have a look at her Life With Horses Photography website.


Megan is the inspiration behind us becoming horse people and my passion for the equine related services I offer. Her passion for horses and becoming a hunter/jumper competitor rubbed off on her parents so we have loved and had horses in our lives ever since. We are so proud of the success she has had and her love and respect for all animals.

What Should I Have on My Equine Website... And How Much is it Going to Cost Me?

If you have never had a website, we know that there is a sense of fear regarding where to start and what needs to be done. We hope we can help ease your mind with the above article...


Click here for the article & download an 18-page detailed ebook.

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