Whittier Canada Enterprise Inc.

Whittier Canada Enterprise Inc. believes that all ski areas, and their clients, deserve the best snow conditions to enjoy their favourite winter sports!

That’s why they


on all the snowmaking equipment that they distribute. Their suppliers also stand behind this guarantee.

They specialize in providing their clients with the best snowmaking equipment in the business from suppliers who have been supplying ski resorts around the world with top quality, dependable, and safe equipment for many years.

Their Products include Snowguns, Snowhose, Hydrants, Compressors, Aftercoolers, Separators, Pumps, Snowmaking Additives, and all the accessories you need to ensure their products will withstand your environmental conditions and live up to yours’ and your patrons’ expectations.


Visit http://www.whittiercanada.on.ca to see the website we designed for them and learn about them and their products.